A new Open Source
password manager.

Don't entrust your passwords to closed proprietary software or services

NOWPASS is 100% Open Source software, always keeping your passwords save.

Open Source

Every single part of NOWPASS is Open Source software, built on well known . You are in control!


Your passwords are encrypted (AES-CBC-256) on your local device and are never submitted or stored in clear text.


Extend NOWPASS with your own functionality and build your own clients on top.

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How to get started:

Please note that NOWPASS is still in an very early alpha version. Not all features are implemented and it's not meant for production use.
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RESTful API Backend server

You can host the backend server on your own (local computer or on a remote server, if you want it to use it on different devices and networks). As an alternative for beginners you can also use our server at (https://nowpass.org). Your passwords, secure notes etc. are encrypted (AES-CBC-256) at your own device and are never submitted in clear text to the REST service.

  • Self hosted REST API service

    Checkout the GitHub project page and README.md for further instructions on how to set up an own backend API server.

  • nowpass.org API service

    Register on this page and start using NOWPASS on the fly. Just use https://nowpass.org as your RESTful API server. You can export your data any time and migrate it to your another server.

Download the Clients

Nowpass Chrome Extension
Google Chrome Extension

Store and manage your passwords directly from your browser. Works with Chromium, Vivaldi, Opera ..

NOWPASS command line client
Command Line Client

Python command line client for storing, managing and searching for your passwords.

NOWPASS Desktop Application
Desktop Application

Manage your passwords in a standalone application for Linux, Mac OS and Windows.